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Our Ethos

Our intent

  •  To provide a safe, rich and nurturing environment.

  •  To support our children as they grow and reach their full potential.

  • Scaffold children’s learning with aspects of in-the-moment planning and adult-led learning.

Our Implementation

  •  Providing an exciting and enriching environment throughout the EYFS which encompasses the 7 areas of learning.

  • We support children’s play and learning through ‘In the moment planning’.

  • We provide a wide range of adult-led activities ‘invitations to play’ to spark curiosity.

  • Practitioners provide quality interactions and opportunities to extend and scaffold learning. 


Our Impact 

  • Children’s progress is recorded through written summative assessments which can identify any gaps in learning as well as celebrate achievements.

  • For children to become confident life-long learners.

  • To provide Smooth transitions for children within nursery and moving onto school.  

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