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Outdoor Classrooms

We have three outdoor spaces for the children to play and explore the world around them. Our front garden is a large space with interesting plants at the children’s level where they can see, smell and find interesting mini-beasts within the different flowers and herbs. This area has a climbing wall for children to practice their gross motor skills and learn how and when to take risks as well as a tunnel, wooden teepee and mud kitchen for children to hide, play and explore their imagination. We have a selection of tricycles and loose parts for children to have ‘a go’ and develop new skills.

Our decking area is an extension of our main playroom and can be accessed from our back door, allowing children to access this space freely. Net bags which are fully visible and accessible provide a range of sand, water, small world and loose parts for children to explore their creativity and fine motor skills. We also have a retractable sun canopy to provide all-day shade in the sunny months.

Our lower garden provides simple climbing equipment which the children can build, and construct different structures enabling balance, problem-solving and exploring their imagination. We have a large water wall in which children enjoy pouring and directing the water through a maze of tubes and gullies. We have a shed where other resources are stored which children can access freely to provide extendable play opportunities.

We like to explore our local environment by taking the children to visit local parks, shops and green spaces to allow children to become aware of the wider community around them which can spark many learning opportunities.

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