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Baby Unit

Within our Baby Unit, we have two rooms that are cosy, natural and have lots of natural light allowing young babies to thrive within a nurturing, safe and homely environment with qualified and highly experienced practitioners. Babies will receive individual care tailored to their needs, we aim to provide a home from home experience to allow children to feel happy and relaxed during their time with us. We aim to follow the same comforting routines your child has at home whilst enjoying a range of fun and stimulating learning experiences.


Our Baby Unit places a strong emphasis on cuddles, love and fun and practitioners are readily available to support babies in understanding their wellbeing and need for stability. We offer a wide range of activities and babies are encouraged to explore independently and discover new experiences with awe and wonder.  Loose parts sensory toys, books are all at low levels for easy access as well as a toy kitchen, low shelving and mirror with an easy grab bar that can support a baby who is learning to walk and develop gross motor skills.

The prime areas from the EYFS are Personal Social and Emotional. Communication and Language and Physical Development, help to support the baby’s development through child-led and adult-led activities.  Practitioners encourage language development through quality interactions which include modelling language, singing, stories and Makaton.


At Peter Pan, we work closely with you as a parent to provide the same quality care and routines as provided in the home environment. We pride ourselves in our partnerships with parents to provide the best experience and smooth transitions when you and your baby begins their early year's journey with us.

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