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Our Coronavirus Policy

Our aim is to ensure that all children feel valued and confident in a caring, secure, and safe environment. In order to do this, we follow a Coronavirus Policy in line with Government Policies.

The government has announced a reduction in the restrictions in place nationally, having received data that allows for Step 4 of the Road Map to proceed.

Peter Pan Nursery will continue to work in zones/ bubbles until we are happy with the data, more people have had their first and second vaccines and when Government Guidelines for our sector are updated.

The Government has also recently announced that from 16th August 2021, adults who have received the second dose of their COVID-19 vaccine, and children under the age of 18 years old, will not have to isolate if they are considered to be a contact of somebody who tests positive for COVID-19. They will, however, still have to isolate if they show symptoms of or test positive for COVID-19 themselves.

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